JavaScript Techniques

Last reviewed/updated: 03 Jun 2016 | Published: 20 Apr 2014 | Status: Active
Web browser support: Internet Explorer 10+, Edge 12+, Firefox 6+, Chrome 30+, Opera 17+

1. Introduction

A list of JavaScript techniques with their purpose, the significant properties, methods, and objects used, and web browser support.

1.1. Abbreviations

  • IE = Internet Explorer.
  • ED = Edge Legacy 12 - 18 (EdgeHTML based) and Edge 79+ (Chromium based).
  • FF = Firefox.
  • SF = Safari.
  • CH = Chrome.
  • OP = Opera.

2. JavaScript Techniques

JavaScript Techniques
Technique Purpose Significant Properties / Methods / Objects Used Web Browser Support
JavaScript Technique: Breadcrumbs Navigation (
  • Displays breadcrumbs navigation.
  • Dynamically displays directory landing page hyperlinks up the directory tree to the web site home page.
  • arguments.length, innerHTML properties.
  • document.write(), getElementById() methods.
  • arguments object.
IE6+, ED12+, FF1.5+, SF3.1+, CH2+, OP7.50+.
JavaScript Technique: Change Web Page External Style Sheet (
  • Changes the web page external style sheet.
  • Dynamically changes the style of a web page.
  • href property.
  • getElementById() method.
IE6+, ED12+, FF1.5+, SF3.1+, CH2+, OP7.50+.
JavaScript Technique: Collapse Or Expand Multiple Sections Of A Web Page Simultaneously (
  • Collapses/expands multiple sections of a web page simultaneously.
  • Dynamically changes the displayed content of a web page.
  • style.display property.
  • querySelectorAll() method.
IE8+, ED12+, FF3.5+, SF3.1+, CH2+, OP10+.
JavaScript Technique: Tabbed Web Pages (
  • Displays tabbed web pages.
  • Provides tab HTML and dynamically changes the style of the selected/unselected tabs.
  • style.backgroundColor property.
  • document.write(), getElementById() methods.
IE6+, ED12+, FF1.5+, SF3.1+, CH2+, OP7.50+.

3. Resources And Additional Information