HTML Testing Ground

Last reviewed/updated: 15 Nov 2018 | Published: 12 Oct 2014 | Status: Active
Web browser support: Internet Explorer 10+, Edge 12+, Firefox 6+, Chrome 30+, Opera 17+

1. Introduction

A list of HTML coding examples to demonstrate and/or test how HTML works.

1.1. Abbreviations

  • IE = Internet Explorer.
  • ED = Edge = EdgeHTML rendering engine (ED12+) and/or Edge browser (ED20+).
  • FF = Firefox.
  • SF = Safari.
  • CH = Chrome.
  • OP = Opera.

2. Does The Web Browser Retain Or Remove Web Page Text And Form Element Content Upon F5 (Refresh/Reload)?

A test to determine if the web browser retains or removes manually and programmatically entered/displayed web page content upon F5 (Refresh/Reload):

3. View Form method='post' enctype='application/x-www-form-urlencoded' Data

A form with method='post' enctype='application/x-www-form-urlencoded' attributes and a Node.js web server that responds with the submitted form data: